Milk – are you getting enough?

Back in the day, if you drank two glasses of milk a day , you would grow up to play for Accrington Stanley (according to Ian Rush). Zoom forwards 40 years, and we now know that cows milk is only good for one thing… baby cows. With so many plant based varieties on the market, and more and more science around the detrimental health impacts of drinking animal milk readily available, it’s no wonder the diary industry is clinging to … Read More

Welcome to Mr Junk Food Chef

Welcome to Mr Junk Food Chef! The name was adopted by accident through various interactions with people who knew of me but hadn’t met me before. They were introduced to me as ‘This is Adam Smith’, and they would be like ‘oh, you’re that junk food chef guy’. I just smiled and nodded in agreement, and thought, ‘why not just call myself that’. So here I am with my alias. Mr Junk Food Chef does have a role to play. … Read More